Horse School

The school of our sports center offers the possibility of training in the correct use of harnesses and teaching aimed at users of all ages. After the lessons, the students will have control of the reins thus starting to ride independently.

Frequent Asked Questions

Where does the Horse School take place?

All Horse School experiences take place predominantly
in the test field and in the internal paths of the Cala dell’Arena park.

Are the  horse walks suitable for beginners?

Absolutely yes! The technical instructors will be at your disposal to follow you step by step in learning the basics of horse riding. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to take outdoor walks. Therefore we recommend the individual internal walk or for children between 7 and 10 years old, the lounge lesson in the field.

Will there be a guide with us?

Always with you! All our experiences are managed and followed by certified environmental equestrian guides. The experiences of the Horse School, including the field tour on the rope, the field lesson for beginners and the individual walk are carefully evaluated by our Federal Technical Instructor F.I.S.E..

I am not athletic, can I participate?

Even if all the experiences require a minimum of muscle flexibility to get on and off the saddle, the activities of the Horse School are suitable for those who do not practice regular physical activity.

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